Monday, November 12, 2012

Robinson Family

Ok, where do I even begin with this?  This family is another gorgeous family I got to meet up with in Idaho, but our friendship started a long, long ways from Idaho.  I met Brigit when my husband and I moved to Iowa in 2003 for him to begin law school.  This was the first time we moved far away from family and we were lucky enough to make some of the dearest friends while we were there.  It sure helped ease us in to life away from our families!  Some of our greatest memories from our time in Iowa involve these people right here.  And wouldn't you know, 9 years later, they are living in my Idaho home town!  I can not tell you how fun it was to see them all again.  It has been so much fun to catch up.  I absolutely LOVED this session.  Thanks, Robinsons...your family is as beautiful as ever!

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