Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Family

Boy, oh boy...wasn't this fun?! (all of you family members are nodding in agreement, right?!) Here we have my ENTIRE family when we were all together in Idaho last month. It is a very rare occasion when every last one of us is there, so of course we figured it was high time for an updated picture. I think there were only 3 grandkids in the last family picture we had on the there are 15. Yes, that's right--15! All of them age 10 or under. So here we have 15 adults and 15 children and you can only imagine the craziness that ensued. But I really did think it was quite fun! Thankfully, I have a good tripod and we had a great helper so I could be in the picture too. I feel like it was nothing short of a miracle to have pulled this one off. :) And of course here are a few others from our day!

My "baby" brother who is almost 17...craziness I tell you!

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I post this following outtake...a tribute to a family picture of the past (one that has me scarred for life, pretty much). I can NOT look at this picture without busting out in laughter. You, my family, will all understand. Love you all!!!


Sammi May said...

I LOVE them!! Good job Beck! The last one is especially great! :)


MomA said...

Becky, you're amazing. I love them all even if you didn't photoshop out my hips! I love the last one too. Thank-you so much! Mom