Sunday, June 14, 2009


Baby Jaxon is boy #3 to join his family, and believe it or not, at 8 pounds he was by far his mama's smallest one. At 7 days old, he couldn't have been more cooperative for his first photo session. He even gave me one of those sweet little newborn smiles! I love that he was still so quick to curl his feet underneath him, just like he was doing all the time not too long ago. What a beautiful baby and beautiful mama! Enjoy, Lori!

We had to try our luck at getting a shot of all 3 boys! These are definitely some proud big brothers. What a good lookin' bunch!


Henricksen Family said...

adorable he does look like Copper but when his eyes are open I totally see matt. What the heck I love the one of the three boys they are so old looking! Too cute three boys!

Anonymous said...

Yea, I am so excited they look so good!!! Talk to you soon. We got a place in that preschool so we will be out your way this week sometime so we maybe can meet at the park...?? This is from Lori even though it will say anonymous. I don't have a gmail and I don't know my blogger ID!!!