Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dr. Mangum

Watch out, world...there's a new dentist in town! As of last Saturday, this guy here is officially Dr. Aaron Mangum, DDS--and what a happy day for him and his family. It was so fun for me to be there and observe all this amazing family support. They poured in from miles away to be there for his big day and it was awesome! Congratulations, Aaron. We are so happy for you. What an achievement!

Dr. Mangum was definitely the man of the hour and a big hit with all those nieces and nephews. And check out this fantastic family all there for the big day! It was impressive, to say the least!

Poor little Calyn wanted nothing to do with the guy in the crazy robe and hat--hence the crying in the family photo. :( But no worries, she did warm up to him a little later on!

Congrats again, Mangums! And good luck on your next big adventure!


Jordan said...

Lovely. said...

Congratulations again Aaron! We are so proud of you! Love the pictures they are great.

The Busch's Hullabaloo said...

What fabulous pictures! I'm so sad to have been the only Mangum that wasn't there! Thanks for these great pictures so I could see his big day!